Everybody Loves a Clown - 1965
Gary Lewis & The Playboys


Everybody Loves a Clown So Why Don't You?
Everybody Laughs At The Things I Say And Do
They All Laugh When They See Me Coming
But You Don't Laugh, You Just Go Home Running
Everybody Loves a Clown So Why Can't You?
A Clown Has Feelings, Too

I Joke Around At a Party When You Go There
But You Don't Laugh, You Don't Look, You Just Don't Care
If You Wonder Why This Clown Is Cryin'
Look a Little Closer, Inside I'm Dyin'

It's Not Easy To Be In Love, You See
When You're a Clown Like Me

I Don't Know How To Say That I Love You
'Cause You Would Smile And Say "Tell A Joke Or Two"
Yes, I'm a Clown But I Don't Wanna Be
Why Can't You See The Other Side Of Me?
Guess I'll Be The Guy Who Plays The Part
Of a Clown With a Broken Heart

Dreamin' Of Your Love And Not Knowing Where To Start...

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